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Francophone Association of Experts and Consultants of the International Technical Cooperation

Association founded in 1961 with the sponsorship of eminent actors of international cooperation, such as René CASSIN, Stéphane HESSEL and agronomist René DUMONT.

Its aim is to establish links between the various people working or having worked in cooperation. It can also be a link between the institutions(agencies, donors and others) and its members looking for a new mission in this sector

Its current President is Mr. Raymond LE RUYET, former Counselor for Foreign Affairs

(I – 2) UISF

International Union of Engineers and Scientists using the French Language

Association founded in 2004, it is an emanation and member of UATI (International Union of Associations and Technical Organizations). She is based in UNESCO and brings together engineers and all leading scientists in the fields of standardization, civil engineering, health and biotechnology, energy, water, maintenance or Vocational training.

Its aim is to facilitate scientific and technical actions contributing to development, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. It organizes on-site or in France seminars on specific subjects, such as anti-seismic standards applicable to the Mediterranean countries, water and energy problems in the context of sustainable development, roads in a tropical context, maintenance , And vocational training in developing countries.

Its current President is Mr. Elie ABSI, Engineer of Arts and Manufactures, Honorary Professor of the Ecole Centrale de Paris

(I – 3) AFIM

French Association of Engineers and Maintenance Managers

Association founded in 1933, aims to develop good maintenance practices in all sectors of economic activity: industrial, real estate and tertiary, transport, etc.

It was thus the source of the development of the teaching of maintenance (initiated in 1978 at the IUT Valenciennes) and standardization in maintenance jointly with AFNOR. It has made an essential contribution to the diffusion of modern techniques in maintenance: CMMS (Computer Assisted Maintenance Management) and conditional maintenance techniques (vibration analysis, thermography, oil analysis, endoscopy, etc.).

It was also the first in Europe to carry out investigations which made it possible to establish the seriousness of the situation concerning accidents and occupational diseases in maintenance.

In terms of maintenance management, it has developed a standard contract for the subcontracting of maintenance and a regulatory register for the maintenance of lifting equipment. It is currently working with major manufacturers to develop a multi-language universal electronic catalog of tens of thousands of elementary industrial components, called ec @ t-npmi, intended to replace hundreds of catalogs to be renewed each year.

AFIM organizes a Maintenance Forum every year in November, joined to the MIDEST exhibition. Its members benefit each year a directory with the Maintenance Guide (700 pages) and CD developed by AFNOR usable standards maintenance.

On the international level, AFIM is one of the founding members of the European Federation of the National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS). It has established numerous actions for the development of African maintenance, of which several members of its Bureau have a long experience.

Its President is Mr. Claude PICHOT, Engineer of Arts and Crafts.

(II) New

Free software to improve the safety of maintenance operations: PARI Maintenance

Surveys conducted in France and in various European countries lead to the same conclusion: indispensable maintenance is the most dangerous of the industrial trades. This is the reason also why the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has focused its 2010/2011 campaign on the theme “For a Safe Maintenance Plus” (Safe Maintenance – see the multilingual website https://osha.europa.eu/)

90 Facts, maintenance safety statistics:

Facts 96, safe maintenance in practice – the key to success:
http://osha.europa .eu//fr/ publications/factsheets/96

The risk is particularly high in an emergency maintenance operation following an unexpected machine failure which stops production. This case is becoming more and more frequent: preventive maintenance suffers from increasing restrictions on the budgets allocated to maintenance (in France, according to the BIPE / AFIM studies, companies spent on maintenance in 2009 on average 2.3% of their turnover, starting from 4.5% in 1987).

The danger of accidents is particularly important during pre-commissioning tests, which involve the lifting of consignments.

To address this situation, a software specifically designed for the preliminary and rapid assessment of the risks of any maintenance intervention, called “PARI Maintenance” (program for the analysis of risks during Maintenance), which comes from the “Synergy Maintenance” software, specially designed for industrial maintenance students.

Its purpose is to make a detailed inventory of the risks, whether related to the equipment and its environment, or to the maintenance operation itself, in order to avoid any oversight, and to specify actions to avoid Or reduce these risks.

This work was carried out by the Caisse Régionale d’Assurance Maladie in Alsace-Moselle (CRAMAM), in association with a group of teachers in industrial maintenance, the RPMI (Pedagogical Resources for Industrial Maintenance), the GIM Industrial and Maintenance) of the IUT “Louis Pasteur” of Strasbourg-Schiltigheim, and the professionals of the UIMM and the AFIM.

It was considered that, to improve the safety of workers, he should be made freely available to business users,
who can download it at the following sites:
For its implementation, one can consult the video tutorial of summary presentation (11 minutes) developed by the IUT “Louis Pasteur”, on the site:
For further training in its proper use, AFIM has developed a specific seminar. See the website:

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