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SB-38CNC-2A-1S 全自動數控彎管機


-- Interactive PLC touch screen offers easy access to auto and manual operating modes.
-- System diagnostics and multiple language capability.
-- Standard clockwise bending direction.
-- Fully hydraulic clamping on clamp die and pressure die.
-- Drop-way hydraulic clamping.
-- Direct acting hydraulic pressure die with adjustable speed valve.
-- Maximum 32 sets of program storage,Maximum 20 bends for each program.
-- With Independent programmable speeds Y, B, and C axes.
-- Programmable material spring back settings for each bend angle.
-- Automatic release of tube prior to final bend.
-- Bending Axis-Driven by Cylinder,Feeding Axis-Driven by Servo Motor,Rotating Axis-Driven by Servo Motor.
-- Obtain quality repeatable bends in steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium and brass.
-- Foot Pedal Cycle start.
-- With Water or Air Cooling System.
-- One set of Tooling for Draw Bending.
-- Wiper die Bracket.
-- 1 Mandrel Rod.
-- Operation and Maintenance Manual.
-- Tool Box with Adjusted Tools.
-- Electric: As required (3 phase 220V or 380V or 415V...)
-- Industrial Computer Controlling.
-- Anticipate Mandrel Extraction.
-- Automatic mandrel/machine lubrication.
-- Anti-clockwise bending direction.
-- Machine effective length over mandrel.
-- Safety Mat.
Name Unit Data
Max Bending Capacity Mild steel round tube  mm ¢38*2
Stainless Steel mm ¢32*2
Light alloy annealed round tube mm ¢40*3
Mild steel square tube mm 30*30*2
Mild steel rectangular tube mm 35*20*2
Mild steel round solid bar mm ¢16
Mild steel square solid bar mm 15*15
Max Bending Radius mm R200
Can customized as per customer’s requirement
Min Bending Radius mm R20
Through Effective Distance Over Mandrel mm 3200
Can customized as per customer’s requirement
Max. One Time Feeding Length mm 2500
Can customized as per customer’s requirement
Max Bending Degree ° 190
Bending Unit pieces 32
Bending Axis Speed Deg/sec 120
Accuracy mm ±0.1
Power KW 4 Controlled by Hydraulic
Rotating Axis Speed Deg/sec 200
Accuracy Deg


Power KW 0.4 Cotrolled by Servomotor
Feeding Axis Speed mm/sec 1000


Accuracy mm ±0.1
Power KW 0.75 Cotrolled by Servomotor
Date Input / 1.Coordinate ( X, Y, Z )
/ 2.Working value ( Y, B, C )

Max. Pressure

Mpa 16
Max Storage Units Group 1000
Can customized as per customer’s requirement

Machine Dimensions

mm 4250*900*1250

Appro. Weight

Kgs 2000



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