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MC-400CNC 全自動伺服切管機


-- Automatic Servo Motor Feeding,Automatic Hydraulic Clamping and Automatic Hydraulic Cutting.
-- Hydraulic driven saw head for cutting motion.
-- Servo Motor Feeding Transmission.
-- Interactive PLC touch screen offers easy access to auto and manual operating modes.
-- Material Available: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Copper,Aluminum...
-- Cutting Shape Available: Round,Square,Rectangle,Solid bar,other profiles...
-- Small Noisy.
-- Clamping, saw blade advancing,backward, clamp releasing are all hydraulic driven.
-- Good cutting quality for tube internal and external without burs.
-- Water cooling and lubricate system prolongs the life of machine and saw blade.             
-- Good mechanical parts ensure machine runs in high stability.             
-- CE, ISO9001 Certification.
Model MC-400CNC
Cutting Capacity guan001.png 110mm
guan002.png 100*100mm
guan003.png 110*90mm
guan004.png 110*90mm
guan007.png 25mm*9pieces
Motor Power 4.5/5.5 KW
Hydraulic Pump Motor Power 4 KW
Cooling Pump 90 W
Servo Motor Power 0.75KW
Feeding Accuracy +/- 0.1mm
Feeding Length 6-1500mm/one time
Saw Blade Size 275/300/315/350/400
Machine Dimension 3250*1100*2000
Machine Weight 1750KGS



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